Dr. Davison has been a radio  guest speaker, has had his own television show and has  given many workshops and seminars. As a consultant to the United States / Mexico Borderlands Commission for Economic Development, he was commissioned an Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Texas.

Currently he spends his time between the activities of writing and counseling. 

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Dr. Davison has also been a guest speaker on radio shows, has had his own television show, and has given many workshops and seminars. Currently he spends his time between the activities of writing, and counseling.

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         Don Davison, Ph.D. is the creator and current Executive Director of the Zirahuen Foundation. Dr. Davison has a broad and varied career including teaching, counseling and writing. He has taught from Kindergarten through Graduate School. Subjects have ranged from Spanish, United States History, World History, History of the Iberian Peninsula, Philosophy, Education (philosophy of, and curriculum design), and Humanities, to Business Management and International Business. His counseling and consulting have covered broad spectrums of human from the individual and familial, to the corporate, from multi-million dollar multinationals to small cottage industries. Dr. Davison’s Humanities courses have been aired on national television on Dish Network's UniversityHouse. His writings vary from books, introspective poetry, short stories and a play to PBS television programs.