How are we going to make it socially and economically?
What makes relationships difficult?
Why is life so complicated?

Who are you "really"?
          Where are you going?
                    How are you going to get there?

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Dr. Davison - Life Coaching Books
Poetry Collections (10)
Dr. Davison's books, and other written works offer powerful tools for the discovery of one's self and the world surrounding us.

His "body of work" in the genres of (Self Development) The Game of Life: A Player's Manual: How to play the game and  win, Sign Posts: Collections of Essays (Political and Social Commentary) (7 Vols.) and as well, (Reflective/Discursive) Poetry Collections, (10 Collections) offer an expanding exposure that demands that we grow and mature in our personal worldview. A maturing perspective will provide opportunities for us to "stand naked in the wind" in our current moment. And from that precipice of "self-ownership," embracing our participation responsibly as co-creators and co-architects, we live and share our own lives. 

We are always presented with the necessity of a continuing discovery that showers us with opportunities to insert ourselves in our own time and in our own way by complementing all being with a voice that says, "Yes to life! Life is to do!" Self-Ownership and Self-Responsibility are the Golden Keys to personal accomplishment and satisfaction.


The Game of life: A Player's Manual (25th Anniversary edition now available at: is a text of some 282 pages explaining  what The Game entails and how to use the five cards, seven rules and five corollaries. The Cards, the Rules,  and the Corollaries are all available on the website: The Game is designed to inspire and instruct a winning point of departure for every Knight and Lady of the Human Realm. The Game's Strategy will enable an awakening of a deep sense of self-ownership, and as well embolden a passionate cry of self that will challenge everyone to be a winner. 

Sign Posts: Collections of Essays Vols. I - VIII believe, "as a species, we must act in love (in that Frommian manner: with an active concern for all life and growth) by operating and proceeding with knowledge, care, responsibility, and respect, while we dedicate ourselves to growth as self and circumstances change. We must live with the awareness that a sanctifying process is always underway" (From A Word About Politics, in Sign Posts Vol. I.

Poetry Collections: Dr. Davison's works of Discursive/Reflective poetry are vistas that offer moments of repose that illicit intense commitment, birthing an integrity of being that grabs us and stirs our passions. He writes poetry that intends to evoke and inspire deep knowledge and feelings of self participation. The "Finding Pieces" at the end of each collection of poetry are a distinctive element that can actually lead to the discovery of something that has essential, as well as practical value.
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