From the soup of urban smog
 strings of an orchestra break forth
signaling at least enough are present
to give support to the soul.
But because of the congestion
is the music soothing,
restful, and creative?
And does this give us pause to reflect
on the sufficiency of society?
Few - some - many - a lot - too many
- enough -
where is the health of the species today?
Is it in the cities of the globe?
There must be some,
I hear the symphony.
Yet I think we have moved
from wandering tribes to condensed urban centers
in too short a time.
A person needs to live alone with others
to progress to an ownership of the self,
along with others,
shape a shared integrated environ
that hosts the youth and favors creative responsibility
and fundamental integrity.
I muse,
the symphony has yet to miss a note.
Is a part already here? 

       From Pieces of the Journey: A Collection, Don Davison

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