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Through eons of our efforts
come tracks of humankind.
Each and every one,
from the dawn of time,
when we realized a self,
had within us and before us a path.
Longing and belonging were engendered.
We are all now
and have forever been
pushed and pulled.
Take the reins of ourselves!
has always been our greatest challenge.
Be! Go forthright!
into your days and tomorrows.
Live well! Love! Die well!
The mandates cried.
Battered by the consternations of many options,
we have labored with our choices.
We had the commandments of the ages.
To every culture and every time,
there have been those gates and walls.
We needed universal truths
that struck the heart of the human.
Where are rules for mastering the craft
for a being of our time?
Strewn amidst those eon’s efforts
rules raised their friendly hands
 and clasping wayward souls
led them to their path.

From Reflections From Lucerne: A CollectionDon Davison

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